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Frequently asked questions about Handling the Customer Zone of

TIMGlobal Media



1. What is the Customer Zone? The TIMGlobal Customer account was created to collect, present and archive sales leads generated by our readers/users. We support your company and your sales team by keeping your leads accessible for you at any time - in realtime and for free!

2. What does lead generation mean? As a publisher of professional industrial product news TIMGlobal Media helps the readers/users to enquire for more details about the products we publish. Every product info that is published in the magazines or on the websites contains a code number which allows the potential buyer to demand more details from the supplier in a most comfortable way.

3. How to log in? If you receive a notification email (subject: "You have new sales leads from..." / sender „“) you can use the link inside this message to get directly to your company's account. Click on your "Your profile" to view the login credentials (Username, Password). URL: In case you have not been connected so far, ask for your login details here.

4. How to download sales leads? You can find some instructions here.

5. How can I push our industrial products with TIMGlobal Media? We offer various possibilities how to attract our readers/users attention with your products. For more details please get in touch with your local rep or with me.

6. How do I learn about new sales leads? Leads generated by non-subscribers are forwarded to the leads contact directly (= Quick info requests"). You can find those leads in the archive ("Archived enquiries"). Subscribers' sales leads: as soon as we receive new leads we send out a notification email to the leads contact. This message includes a direct link to the Customer Zone.

7. How can sales leads be generated with TIMGlobal Media? The readers of our publications (print, online, digital) show an interest in one of the promoted industrial products (editorial or advert) and would like to learn more about this item. Using the code number attached to most of our printed and digital publications, the enquirer is directed to the company's profile on our website. Our industrial websites (see links on the right column of this website) also offer a search bar in the header to enter the code number that leads to the product info on our website. At the footer two forms are shown: one for subscribers (accessible per login, generating "Qualified enquiries") and one for non-subscribers (contact details must be entered, generates a "Quick info request"). This is the way the reader/user as a potential buyer can express interest in more details about each industrial product that has been published - even after years.

8. How often will I be reminded about new leads? Every single lead is an impetus for sending out a notification email.  Over one day we collect your leads and you will only receive one message. You can adjust this frequency inside your Customer Zone. Just click "User Navigation" and "Reporting Frequency" to fix the setting.

9. Is it possible to switch to another language? Currently the account is only available in English language. More languages are at the planning stage. Check the flag to come up at the right top of the site.

10. How much is it? The generation of sales leads is a free-of-charge service for the readers/users of our publications. Both sides, suppliers and readers, benefit from this extra service. TIMGlobal Media is monetised by advertisement sales only. If you want to learn more about the various opportunities (print/online/digital) to promote your industrial products, please get in touch with me. This link leads you to the latest media kit: 2016 Print  2016 Digital.


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