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Welcome at our manual supporting your successful and effective handling

of your Customer Zone at TIMGlobal Media!

TIMGlobal Media offers a modern Customer Zone simplifying the handling of sales leads. The following manual was created to support clients with handling downloading their leads.

Besides the handling of leads our new Customer Zone also offers various helpful functions: links to your adverts and editorials, promoted products, pre-views per mouse-over and all statistics!

After receiving new leads a notification email is sent by default to the leads contact which we keep in your company’s profile. We suggest to enter your account to verify your contact data and check for new lead entries.

Please find more advice here: FAQ. (will be updated and extended constantly, last update: 23.02.2017).


Login: Visit the new Customer Zone on and access your account with the login data of your company. In case you received a MS-Excel sheet showing your sales leads, you can also click on the blue header “Customer Zone” and use this short-cut for a direct entry. In case you did not receive a notification email including a link to your Customer Zone yet (subject: “You have new sales leads from….”) or you would like to request a new login, please let me know.


Overview/”Dashboard”:after entering the account you can see “Your dashboard and statistics”. The coloured boxes show the full results since April 2009. Unread and archived sales leads are added up here. About the boxes:

Green box/”Qualified enquiries”: here, the leads have been generated via our registered subscribers. Beneath the contact info most of the sales leads also show details about function, department, company size and special interest of the reader who requires more information about one of your products.

Blue box/”Quick info requests”: here, readers are not registered yet and very likely were directed to our website by search engines or other linked sites. In order to avoid spam and fake messages, these leads have been cleared manually before we forward them to the leads contact of your company. You can find those requests under "Archived enquiries". For downloading them just hit "Flag as unread", get back to „Your NEW enquiries“ where the lead has been transferred to and start the download by using the button "Download report". For more details please read "Options" below.

Red box/”Attachment downloads”: here, most of these sales leads are just counted for statistic reasons, as they are showing datasheet downloads generated by a website visitor. You can find them as “Non-registered visitor”. Our aim is to win these visitors as subscribers in order to be able to offer more details to our clients.

Orange box/"Videos watched": if a video from your company has been uploaded to your company profile on our websites, you can see the traffic here.


Underneath the boxes you can find a pie chart (left side), containing all leads. To its right you see the corresponding short list of leads.

Below you find four more boxes of various statistics like the “10 most visited articles”,  “10 most recent articles” and “best performing articles”.

Inside the account you will also find a contact form for queries.


Your sales leads:

For checking the status of your sales leads, please click on „Your NEW enquiries“ that you find at the black column on the left side. At the same time the numbers in the coloured boxes change to so far not called-up emails.

Important for your first visit to the Customer Zone: Use the filter function (“Customize your report using filters”) to download all leads. The downloaded file contains various user friendly charts that allows you to work with separate sheets for “Qualified leads”, “Quick info requests” and “non-registered user leads” (= generated by downloaded datasheets and viewed videos). Please also mind "Options" mentioned below.

All leads you will download (from all 4 coloured boxes) will be transferred automatically to the archive! It is not necessary to mark a single lead with “Flag as read”. Archiving old leads will help you to keep a good overview in your Customer Zone.


Download: For downloading your sales leads click on „Your NEW enquiries“. If required select a data range (above the coloured boxes) and optionally use the filter function. Download the enquiries by clicking on the grey button "Download Report (XLSX)". You can find it on the top right corner of the page under “Export your leads”. Instantly you will receive a complete MS-Excel file showing four different sheets:

1. sheet: “Qualified leads” – all sales leads generated by our subscribers including additional demographic details;

2. sheet: “Quick info requests” – all sales leads generated by visitors of our website;

3. sheet: “Non-registered users leads” – showing the quantity of users that have downloaded datasheets or watched a video;

4. sheet: “Your account” – shows all details of your company that we keep for the handling of your leads. In the first part you can see the details that are also visible in your company profile on our website (IEN Europe: “Directory”).  “Leads & rep” shows the leads contact that we use for notification emails and single forwarding of “Quick info requests” (see also above “blue box”).

Further you can see your login details (URL:, which you can forward inside your company if required. In case you would like to receive new login details please use the contact form at the footer of the page.


We kindly ask you to verify the contact details of your company during your first visit of your account. Please click on "Your profile" and verify the details. The "Email" account we use for topical previews, call for papers, special offers, etc. Important: "Lead email" shows the contact who receives the notification messages. Keeping these details up-to-date is necessary to assure the notification message and more information about this service will reach you. Please let me know about any changes.

For your comfort adjusting your preferred frequency of notification emails is also recommended. Use "Reporting frequency" to fix the setting. You can change this option at whenever you like.


Of course you can connect to all your sales leads (since April 2009) at any time.  Just get connected to the archive by hitting the button “Archived enquiries” on the black column at the left side of the account. All archives have been synchronised with our former leads system.


For your queries and to support your successful leads handling with TIMGlobal Media please also use FAQ. More questions and feedback required? Please contact your local rep or me.